Chapter 1.2: The condo

The second thing I noticed when entering my potential condo was the cockroach doing an enthusiastic death spasm in the corner of the living room floor. The first thing I noticed is that the “front door” is actually a pair of glass sliders opening onto the lanai. Both of these things concerned me about equally. I’ve been told they show up with about the same frequency, also.

Last Tuesday morning I met with the rental property agent to officially view the condo I’d applied to rent, and was quite pleased overall. The location is fantastic for me, near my friends, in an easily accessible area that is not thick in the midst of the tourists, but still close to the main drag. It is about 750 square feet with one bedroom and a pretty decent kitchen, so I have lots of room to move around. The set-up is pretty classic Hawaii: wood floors, vaulted ceiling, a entire back wall spanning the bedroom and kitchen/living area is made of narrow windows with screens and horizontal glass louvers, big lanai out front and overhead fans in the bedroom and living room. Wicker and light-wood furniture scattered about, pale blue and yellow walls, and the ubiquitous geckos on the walls and cockroaches on the floor. *shudder* I like the geckos but those roaches are large and give me the heebie-jeebies. Thankfully, there is frequent spraying for them which likely accounts for the one dying on the floor. I’ve decided to print and frame family photos from my long-ago trips to Kailua, Oahu to visit Tutu, Grandpa and my aunt and uncles to place on the walls that show my long history with Hawaii.

I’d sent my paperwork over prior to my trip, so I was able to be approved for the condo the same day that I saw it. This meant I had to get my security deposit to the rental agency immediately, and as it was almost the end of June, I needed to pay for July’s rent. For various reasons that I expect have to do with how long it takes to clear hard checks from the mainland, the rental agency will only accept checks on local banks for rent, so I needed to get an account opened before I left. July rent was paid by cashier’s check (FedEx overnight delivery from CA to HI, with signature was $43!), but after I left the condo, I stopped by the local KTA grocery store to set up a Bank of Hawaii account. It ended up taking an hour, due to printer problems at the storefront, but I didn’t mind. I was able to talk story with the assistant branch manager who assisted me, and she was lovely, asking questions about my move and telling me about herself and her family. I’ve been very encouraged by the reaction of people when I told them I was moving to Kona, they’ve been consistently welcoming. In fact, the gate agent for Alaska Air at KOA told me they are hiring and I should absolutely apply there. 🙂

I still need to DocuSign the lease for the condo, and set up a transfer of funds from online savings to my new BoH account so I can pay the August rent, but I have two important things established: a home and a bank account. Next up, in no particular order: starting to pack stuff up to ship over (I have friends who will put boxes in the condo for me), finding a job, and deciding whether to rent or sell my current condo when I move.


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