Chapter 2: Paperwork

When I bought my condo in 2010, I felt like a forest went into creating the pile of paperwork that was generated. I also had a list of all the places that needed to be notified of my new address. I am starting that process again with the new place, but I’m going to try and do much of it online.

The new bank account required paper, because I had to go into the bank in person and provide my physical signature. However, online banking should have all electronic communications. I’ve accessed my online account, requested e-statements, and set up my External Accounts for transfers. Interesting note about Bank of Hawaii: you can only transfer FROM external accounts TO the BoH account, you cannot transfer to external accounts. This may make my online savings account superfluous, but at the current interest rate, it is not like I’m getting much out of it anyway.

I’ve also received by email the tenant handbook, house rules, condition statement and Fair Housing statement from the rental agency and used DocuSign to sign my lease. These are all saved on my desktop for future reference when needed. At some point, I’ll need to go in person to get a key for the unit, and I guess we’ll fill out the move-in checklist at that point. Hopefully, they can scan and email that to me once it is completed so I don’t have to try and file it somewhere.

What other kinds of things will I need to do? Set up the internet, move my Roku account, buy and register a car (serious paperwork there), get a library card, and change my address for so many things: credit cards, Amazon,, etc. I’m trying to start a collection of all the things I receive in the mail so I can ask to be taken off the mailing lists, so they don’t follow me and add to my piles of papers: catalogs, theater mailers, and the like. I plan to go through my file boxes here and scan a lot of the documents that I feel should be kept, so I don’t have to drag those boxes across the Pacific with me. To paraphrase, “let my papers go!” Not only am I being mindful of the amount of “stuff” I hold onto, I want to be environmentally responsible too. šŸ™‚


One thought on “Chapter 2: Paperwork

  1. Good news is that mass mailing catalogues don’t follow you unless you let the company know you want them sent to new address. Note label says your name OR current resident. Post Office website will tell you what gets forwarded and for how long before they stop. Most address changes can be done online. Not as bad as we thought.

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