Disassembling a home

This one will be a quickie, and yes, I got rid of the chapter numbers.

I spent (not enough) time this past weekend cleaning out my closet and wandering through my home plucking things off the walls and shelves so I could be ready for the flea market this weekend. I now have two large garbage bags of work clothes to donate to Career Closet, and three more bags for Hope Services. The spare bedroom has turned into a staging area for items that need to be priced and packed for sale at the flea market. I’m trying not to go overboard with clearing away the “stuff”, but I’m realizing just how much of it I don’t actually need. The question I’m having to ask is, “Do I want it?” No, I don’t need the copies of Time, People and Newsweek from the Sept. 11, 2001 events, but I want to keep them, if only as a reminder to myself of how bad (and wonderful) humanity can be. I don’t need nor want all the cheap, junk jewelry that I delighted in picking up because it was trendy (and cheap). It’s Hawaii and I’m going to be outside a lot, so the fancy painted tall champagne flutes have been priced to move.

I’m even being ruthless with my books, and discovering that there are some I’ve held onto just because they have some sort of cachet, but I don’t actually like them so I don’t need to keep them (I’m looking at you “Wicked”). It’s illuminating to see just how little we need to have a fulfilling life. Do I have my health? Mostly. Do I have my family and friends? Without a doubt. Do I have ambitions and dreams and the determination to achieve them? We’re going to find out.

Countdown is just over 2 months now, 10 weeks from tomorrow. I’m going a drop-in visit in mid-August to take a couple of large suitcases over and hopefully get my internet set up. Next step: flea market and donations. After that: buckle down on finding a job!


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