Starting the move-in process

Harbor at sunriseI’ve spent my first night in my new home and it is a bit disconcerting. I’m used to traffic noises so those don’t bother me, though I have to say there is a blessed lack of sirens and fireworks. It is the nature sounds that are unnerving. Rusting trees and vegetation, birds and insects, the settling noises of an unfamiliar home: all of these kept me on edge last night. Also, my unit is the last one before the street and the closest to the driveway so I am more aware of being visible within my home. Living in the drought-stricken Bay Area has made me forget the wonderful sound of rain on the roof in the middle of night, which I got to experience last night.

I feel like I accomplished the bare basics after I arrived yesterday, with so many items still to be crossed off my “honey do” list. The condo boasted six dead cockroaches, a mummified gecko and a LOT of gecko poop when I got here. My friend Eric, the community property manager, was kind enough to organize some cleaners to come in while I ran errands in the afternoon. I just may keep them, if I can afford it.  Considering the mess that accumulated in the six weeks since my first tour, I will definitely need them again before I come back in seven weeks. In the afternoon, I picked up my wi-fi modem from Oceanic Time Warner (I need some tech support to finish set-up), and picked up essentials from Ross and Target: mattress pad and pillows, trash cans, shower curtain and liner, bath mat and rugs, glasses and plates. After all that, I went to the Ferrari Coffee Plantation truck by Huggo’s for coffee, then to KTA for cash, creamer, KBC Big Wave and food. Finally, I went home. I still wasn’t done though, because I needed to unload the car, put things away, unpack my bags, hang the shower curtain and make my bed. Only then could I shower off the day’s sweat and grime and enjoy a beer and Hawaiian sushi rolls on the lanai.

My sleep was not restful for a number of reasons: the noises, the unfamiliar mattress and pillows, the time difference and my aching shoulder. I was awake for the day this morning at 4:15 a.m. It’s about 7 a.m. as I write this and I’m finishing my third cup of coffee, on the lanai. The second cup was consumed during a walk to the harbor (about 1/8 mile down the road) to greet the morning and the island, which I hadn’t done yesterday. Soon I will call Tech Support for help with the modem and then get started mapping the hotels I want to scout today for possible employment, and find the Second Hand shop for Hawaiiana décor. I do plan to use blown-up photos from my family visits to my grandparent, aunt and uncles on Oahu when I was little, so I’ll need some bamboo, wicker or koa wood frames. Tonight, the Z family is having me over dinner.

Still on the weekend agenda is a visit with a healer for a Lomi Lomi massage and reading. Hopefully, she can help my shoulder and point me in the right direction for a successful future here. After that, I want to go to the Mai Tai Festival at Don the Beachcomber’s (Royal Kona Inn) and have my Tiki mugs signed by Brad “Tiki Shark Artist” Parker.

It takes a lot of sweat and faith to make your dreams come true. Aloha!

edit: the modem problem was entirely my fault. Pro tip: make sure the cable you are screwing into the modem is also screwed into the cable coming from the wall. *rolls eyes*


Moving towards the move

I recently participated in a local flea market to sell off some more of my possessions. It was a long, exhausting process because I did it all by myself and I didn’t quite make the profit I’d hoped (U-Haul is expensive!). I posted something about the experience on Facebook, and a friend of mine commented that selling your stuff at a (flea market) is exhausting and insulting. He is so right, and I hadn’t thought about it like that.

People are judging your possessions, and by extension judging you, when they decide whether or not to buy your stuff. There was a dad who smiled at me as he told his son that it looked like I only had “girl books”. Excuse me, sir, why are you gender-biasing your kid against reading? Should I not be interested in SF/F because those are “boy books”? Should I not have been reading those Clive Cussler and Tom Clancy books of my dad’s when I was a pre-teen/teen, because I’m not a boy? Way to go, dude. Books really shouldn’t be exclusive.

Then there are the people who sneer at some formerly prized possession of yours, or show it to a friend and snicker (troll dolls, anyone?). The people who haggle with you over a collectible item because they don’t understand the value (no, I’m not going to let you buy a President’s Wife for less than $20 each, that’s already a screaming good deal). And all the people who sweep your stall with a quick eye and keep walking, secure in the knowledge that you don’t have anything they could possibly want.

On the positive side, I did sell a lot of items including the kitchen table and chairs. My relief had a lot to do with not needing to haul all this stuff from the van up the flight of stairs to my condo. Since then, I have also managed to take 6 bags of clothing and bedding to Hope Services, and 8 boxes of books to Willow Glen Library. I absolutely made sure to get a tax receipt at both places.

My home is slowly getting emptier, and it’s a good thing to see. It means I’m moving closer to moving, and that soon I’ll be ready to place the condo on the market. This weekend I’ll be in Kona, taking some of my possessions on a one-way journey and starting the set-up process of a new life. My laptop will come with me to chronicle that task, if only because I’ll probably need it to get my new wi-fi network set up. 🙂 Oceanic Time Warner couldn’t do the install the day I requested, so I’m going to pick up the wi-fi modem at their office and do it myself.