Starting the move-in process

Harbor at sunriseI’ve spent my first night in my new home and it is a bit disconcerting. I’m used to traffic noises so those don’t bother me, though I have to say there is a blessed lack of sirens and fireworks. It is the nature sounds that are unnerving. Rusting trees and vegetation, birds and insects, the settling noises of an unfamiliar home: all of these kept me on edge last night. Also, my unit is the last one before the street and the closest to the driveway so I am more aware of being visible within my home. Living in the drought-stricken Bay Area has made me forget the wonderful sound of rain on the roof in the middle of night, which I got to experience last night.

I feel like I accomplished the bare basics after I arrived yesterday, with so many items still to be crossed off my “honey do” list. The condo boasted six dead cockroaches, a mummified gecko and a LOT of gecko poop when I got here. My friend Eric, the community property manager, was kind enough to organize some cleaners to come in while I ran errands in the afternoon. I just may keep them, if I can afford it.  Considering the mess that accumulated in the six weeks since my first tour, I will definitely need them again before I come back in seven weeks. In the afternoon, I picked up my wi-fi modem from Oceanic Time Warner (I need some tech support to finish set-up), and picked up essentials from Ross and Target: mattress pad and pillows, trash cans, shower curtain and liner, bath mat and rugs, glasses and plates. After all that, I went to the Ferrari Coffee Plantation truck by Huggo’s for coffee, then to KTA for cash, creamer, KBC Big Wave and food. Finally, I went home. I still wasn’t done though, because I needed to unload the car, put things away, unpack my bags, hang the shower curtain and make my bed. Only then could I shower off the day’s sweat and grime and enjoy a beer and Hawaiian sushi rolls on the lanai.

My sleep was not restful for a number of reasons: the noises, the unfamiliar mattress and pillows, the time difference and my aching shoulder. I was awake for the day this morning at 4:15 a.m. It’s about 7 a.m. as I write this and I’m finishing my third cup of coffee, on the lanai. The second cup was consumed during a walk to the harbor (about 1/8 mile down the road) to greet the morning and the island, which I hadn’t done yesterday. Soon I will call Tech Support for help with the modem and then get started mapping the hotels I want to scout today for possible employment, and find the Second Hand shop for Hawaiiana décor. I do plan to use blown-up photos from my family visits to my grandparent, aunt and uncles on Oahu when I was little, so I’ll need some bamboo, wicker or koa wood frames. Tonight, the Z family is having me over dinner.

Still on the weekend agenda is a visit with a healer for a Lomi Lomi massage and reading. Hopefully, she can help my shoulder and point me in the right direction for a successful future here. After that, I want to go to the Mai Tai Festival at Don the Beachcomber’s (Royal Kona Inn) and have my Tiki mugs signed by Brad “Tiki Shark Artist” Parker.

It takes a lot of sweat and faith to make your dreams come true. Aloha!

edit: the modem problem was entirely my fault. Pro tip: make sure the cable you are screwing into the modem is also screwed into the cable coming from the wall. *rolls eyes*


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