Packing up my life

I’m sitting in my living room, looking at a stack of packed and empty boxes in the dining area and the four bookshelves over by the lanai doors. A relocation company is coming on Monday to pick up my stuff and put it into a shipping container, which will then be loaded onto a ship and floated across the Pacific Ocean. Four to five weeks after the pick-up, the container will be delivered to my door in Kona and unloaded. For up to 1000 pounds of stuff, and door-to-door delivery, I’m paying almost $2000. I’m very afraid that will go up as I’m not entirely sure I don’t have more than 1000 pounds of stuff.

I hit a point on Tuesday night where I stopped being sentimental about things. Yes, I packed up all the jewelry from my grandmother, I’m taking the dolls from my mother and the hat I inherited from a girlfriend. I’m taking my books and the dress that I hope will inspire my wedding dress that I haven’t been able to wear in at least 5 years. But I’m selling my bicycle. I’m donating my fancy dresses (except for one). The fondue pot will stay with Mom for use at family Christmas to make our traditional smokies in BBQ sauce, even if I’m not there. Now I just need to find a way to dispose of the things I don’t want. To that end, I’m offering things up on Facebook to my friends; with whatever doesn’t sell in the next week going on Craigslist. That list of things seems to keep growing, though!

Another challenge is determining what I need to get through the next 4-5 weeks, both here and in Kona. Thankfully the weather here isn’t too much cooler than Kona, so the clothes shouldn’t be an issue, though I could always leave the cooler weather clothes at Mom’s for future holiday visits. What do I need for eating? Bathing? Existing? Whatever I don’t pack needs to fit in the luggage for my flight. Things like an alarm clock, silverware, coffee pot (returned to Mom when I stay with her for a few days before departure), a couple bottles of shampoo and my Clarisonic, Sweet-n-Low, etc. are being carefully considered. What about all the stuff in the hall closet? Have to sell the vacuum cleaner, but the tool box and Swiffer stuff is going into a box. The mini ironing board and iron? Probably sell. So many decisions to make.

Speaking of decisions, I found and purchased a 1997 Toyota RAV4 that I’ll drop off at Port of Oakland on Monday morning. It was a bit surreal to hand over my credit card for that purchase, but I’ve got a decent credit line and I had already transferred money to cover the purchase from my savings. It’s fun to drive (NO pickup whatsoever), and while small, it’s still pretty roomy inside. I’ve been able to put a bunch of empty boxes in that thing, as well as a couple of bins to drop at a girlfriend’s house for her yard sale. I kind of like being able to put something larger than a small suitcase into my “trunk” space.

Okay, time to start packing the kitchen, which means washing a few dishes first. Should I pack my single-serve blender and have my soy milk and banana separately for the next month? *sigh* Probably. We’ll see what happens next.


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