Empty house, full heart

My home is echoing and mostly empty by now. Thirty-four boxes of my life either left on a ship on Thursday or will do so on Tuesday. The “new” car was dropped off Monday morning and left on Wednesday. Friends and neighbors have been stopping by to pick up a few items here and there. Hopefully, more will come tomorrow and others will answer my Craigslist ad (wanna buy an entertainment center? I put it together myself!). It feels like I still have a lot of things to get rid of, considering that I leave this condo one week from today, and fly 4 days after that.

The patch-and-paint guy will come on Thursday morning, and my cleaner will be here between the 6th and the 9th. I’ve signed a stack of papers and the condo gets listed on the evening of the 9th. At this point, I’m being very conservative in the food I buy, only a few days worth at a time and mostly pre-packaged as my flatware, plates, cups and cooking utensils are in a box that is in transit. I had to buy a corkscrew to open my final wine club delivery today!

What is left now? A couple boxes to go to Mom’s (she’s also taking my bedroom set for her guest room), clothing for the four weeks that I expected my boxes to be in transit (though they may arrive about the time I do), my suitcases, the stuff to sell, work stuff that will be shipped by my employer and a box of papers that I still need to sort through. The passport and birth certificate will go on the plane with me, but do I need to keep the paperwork relating to this home I am selling? Tax returns from 2009 – 2012 will go to Mom’s but last year’s and the donation receipts for this year are coming with me.

I look around and see so much empty space, overlaid with wonderful memories of the 4.5 years I spent here. Family parties, celebrations with friends, roommates, home improvements, alone time and more fill my heart and mind. My first go ’round as a homeowner has been a wonderful experience, one that I look forward to repeating. Right now, I’m mostly looking ahead, to the next road and wondering where it take me.

Here’s hoping that Tutu Pele has some exciting adventures in store for me!


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