Leavin’ on a jet plane

[Ed. note: this post was hand-written in my Hawaii notebook on Oct 8]

Sitting in the boarding area for Gate 11 in Kahului Maui (Hawaiian Airlines doesn’t fly direct from San Jose to Kona, and I used miles to buy my one-way ticket), almost at the end of this stage of my journey. When I step off my next flight, it will be as a resident of Kailua Kona, Hawaii, and my journey will continue in a new direction.

The last week has been fairly emotional. I realize and accept that I am a bit of a soft touch, but I think many people would be affected the same way when saying “good bye” to so many people. As much as possible, I tried (and succeeded) to see the people who are most important to me. There were definitely tears, then. Saying good bye to the various pieces of my family was heart-wrenching. Overall, I have cried tears of loss but in a somewhat restrained manner. I fully expect to lose it tonight. And that’s okay. I am embarking on new adventure and my life will never be the same (cliche alert!). While I do expect to see my family and friends again, I will do so as a different person and I plan to do a bit of mourning for our current relationships.

[Ed. note: I absolutely had 3 glasses of champagne on my last flight, and just inhaled a rather large Longboard at the Maui Snack Bar. Let’s be grateful I didn’t also take advantage of the half-price shot.]

My friend Eric will pick me up in Kona and we will travel through the madness that is “pre-Ironman”. I’m already hearing about traffic and delays caused by athletes out training. I have a volunteer assignment on Saturday and possibly another on Friday night. Picking up my car will occur Thursday morning after the famous “Underwear Run” (Iron-athletes in their skivvies? Yes, please! And bring on the locals and tourists to help celebrate!) I’m hoping that being thrown into local events will help stave off disorientation and homesickness. Also, it should be a lot of fun! What a fantastic experience in which to be involved!

Should be boarding in a few minutes, so I’ll close for now. Mahalo for following along!


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