Observations from Kona

I’ve been here 2.5 weeks now and though I haven’t been out and about a ton (darn work), I’ve started noticing some things I want to share.

1. People like to be nose-out in their parking spaces. This is not just tourists bringing hometown habits here, it’s definitely locals too. I have no idea why people do this (my dad has done it for years), but I’m seeing it in many parking lots.

2. At sunset, you’ll find locals and tourists alike parking alongside the road, in a parking a lot, or on the beach, stopping to appreciate the sunset. It’s a sight to behold, so it’s well worth doing, wherever you happen to be.

3. A bikini top or swimsuit is a perfectly acceptable alternative to a foundation garment, and many times more comfortable. 🙂 I really like this one.

4. While Hawai’i is ahead of many states in their complete ban of plastic bags in shops, and they use a LOT of wind/solar power, they don’t have an easy way for recycling other than for bottles (glass and plastic) and cans. They have a 5 cent redemption rate for bottles and cans, but I haven’t seen any bins to recycle paper and other forms of plastic. After some research, I’ve found that there are places who will take those types of items for recycling, but you must drop it off. It’s not like the Bay Area where a recycling company provides bins at your home and picks them up.

5. As mentioned, I haven’t been out a lot, but I haven’t seen any speed limits above 55. I’m okay with that. The slower lifestyle is a big draw for me, and considering the views that are available from many of my local roads, I prefer that people drive a bit slower so they don’t distracted at higher speeds.

6. Kona has a built in method for making sure you don’t hide yourself away on your electronics all day. Each weekday afternoon, I have to shut down my laptop around 2 p.m. if not earlier, because it’s getting too hot between the temps inside my condo and the numbers of hours the computer has been on. Today I had to put my cell phone on a chilled bag that is usually used for muscle inflammation, to cool down the phone battery so it could charge. It had only been in direct sunlight for about a half hour, but it had been outside on my lanai table as the sun moved towards it for a good 2 hours.

I’ve unpacked most of my belongings, and am feeling more settled, but now I’m off to run errands including the bank and picking up some basics like cotton balls and small trash bags. Oh, and food. I’m trying to implement a practice I thought of on the mainland which is to buy fresh food twice a week, so I don’t rely too much on packaged, processed stuff by the end of the week. Yes, I’m still buying pre-made salads, but those are made up of fresh food, and they are generally only good for 2-3 days beyond the purchase date so I can’t buy a week’s worth of salads at once. I’m also going to augment my pre-made salads with a salad mix from local farmers, so I can get a larger salad with more greens in it. The added benefit is supporting the local economy. 🙂

Tonight is my stint as a guide on the Halloween Journey at Kona Pacific Public Charter School, and I’m fairly sure I’ve managed to do a rote memorization of my lines. There aren’t many, and I’m taking my flashcards just in case. We’re going “Around the World in 80 Days”, and I’m really looking forward to it. I hope you have a very spooky night!


One thought on “Observations from Kona

  1. Glad you are getting settled in.I too was surprised at the recycling there,but totally understand why.Thank you for going to the grandkids school this evening,wish I could be there,That school is a magical place,the kids are so lucky to be able to have it in their life.I hope to see you in the pictures from tonight ,and I hope you meet my Grandkids,the Branhams,Grace,ELLA ,and Cole,but call him Bear,it’s my nic name for him,if he’s there it will surprise him to hear it.
    Luck and aloha,can’t wait to hear more,

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