Life on crutches

In short: it sucks. Yes, I’ve tried to be upbeat and look for the positive aspects of the situation such as the aloha spirit I’ve encountered and being forced to slow down, However, having a broken leg and moving around on crutches is always a bad thing. It’s slow, uncomfortable, and uncertain.

I’ve had lovely experiences with the people I’ve encountered, and I’m apparently quasi-famous at the school where it happened Today I took my scooter (woo-hoo mobility!) to the farmer’s market up the street, and the first three people (two vendors, one cute EMT guy) I spoke with all knew exactly who I was once I said I fell at the school. In fact, the first vendor’s daughter had been encouraging him to help the EMTs carry me that night, but as he had a bad leg, he was unable to do so. Another vendor is friends with my friends, and she very generously gave me a jar of her concentrated mamaki tea to use for healing. At my last doctor’s appointment, I was able to ask a new friend for a ride and she was extremely generous with her time to take me to the doctor and then the grocery store. When I took myself to the grocery store on Thursday, some random guy in the aisles asked me if I had a Sharpie and could he sign my cast. He explained as he did so that he included his band name, and this is what the EMT on Saturday recognized. Turns out there’s a death metal band in Kona, called Repellent. Who knew?

So, that’s the good aspect. The bad is the rest: the discomfort of the cast itself due to its weight and being rigid and hot. The pain of the leg, despite pain meds, which I’m weaning myself off. It’s hard to move around, like trying to take a bath without getting the cast wet or fall into the tub when I’m balancing on the edge. When I’m standing, I balance on my right leg, and while I’m strong in body, it gets wearying after a while. My muscles are aching and trying to figure out how to reconfigure themselves to work with the new way my body needs to move. You have no idea how tiring it is to lay on the couch or sit in a chair for so many hours every day. Having your independence taken away when you are used to relying on yourself is a very difficult thing, and it’s hard for me to rely on other people.

I have four (at least) more weeks of this. I broke my leg two weeks ago tonight, and it is the one month anniversary of my move. I hope to be out of the cast by Christmas, but I’ll for sure be in it for my birthday and Thanksgiving. I’m frustrated and trying not to be depressed. I know, I know, I’m in Paradise. I just wish I could be out there and enjoying it.

Things I’ve learned: When you think you need to go to the bathroom, start making your way there. It’s going to take a while to arrive. If someone offers you help, take it. It’s good for both of you. It’s okay to slow down, just don’t stop as it’s hard to get your momentum again.


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