More observations from Kona

Since I’m now able to get out and about, I have more things to share.

1. The Hawaii DMV does not actually exist as an entity. In the county of Hawaii, it’s under the Department of Finance and there is no official DMV website. You have to go to the county website and find info about licensing and registration there. When you go to the West Hawaii Civic Center to get your license or registration, you’ll be met by a greeter who will find out what you need to do and give you the appropriate number, then direct you to the correct line. I was there in the morning on January 5, and I saw maybe 20 people in the office for various reasons. The process was smooth and fairly easy. Also, the greeter doesn’t like it when you joke that it’s important to get your Hawaii license in order to get kama’aina discounts. Auntie will scold you. 🙂

2. I swear that I saw Beth Chapman driving one of those big black SUV deals on Thursday afternoon. I was heading towards Hina Lani on Queen K, and when I stopped at the light at Hale Maka’i, I noticed the driver of a black SUV at the cross-light speaking to the person/people inside a white truck in the next lane. The driver caught my eye because of her profusion of blond curls. I looked closer as the white truck pulled forward to turn south on Queen K, and the black SUV changed lanes to follow it. The blonde driver seemed to have exaggerated proportions and was wearing a red/white/blue shirt, as Beth frequently does. I didn’t see if she had the tac gloves with the tips cut out for her nails. Woo-hoo, D-list celebrity sighting!

3. Apparently you can fit 3 passengers in a smart car. Just peel off the top, and let down the trunk hatch and you have space to fit a person along with a backpack and skateboard. I delayed too long in trying to get a photo of this when I saw it, and missed out. The guy in the back knew how ridiculous he looked, and was smiling and waving at people who were staring, which is really the best reaction.

4. Funniest thing I’ve seen in days: a gecko straddling the cucumber on a shelf in my fridge. It seems a gecko was hanging out on the side edge of my fridge door, and I approached the fridge from the opposite direction and opened the door. The gecko freaked out, and jumped inside the fridge onto one of the walls. I just sat there in my rolling chair and laughed while he tried to figure out where he was and how to get out. I have wire shelves, so that didn’t help him at all. He made his way on top of the veggies on the second shelf on his way to get out the other side (after skittering on the back wall, and jumping to the solid bottom shelf), and when he did make his attempt to get out, he didn’t quite make it and landed with a splat on the kitchen tiles. Very much like a cat, he froze and assumed an attitude of “I meant to do that”, not moving until I closed the door above his head. They do poop all over the place but they are very good entertainment at times.


Gotta get out of here…

I got my car registered in Hawaii on the day California suspended my registration (due to lack of insurance) which means I am much more mobile now. Since I had to turn in my rental scooter on Dec. 30, I am ecstatic about being able to legally drive.
This means that I am able to get out of the house and start going places. I won’t necessarily be able to DO things once I get there (i.e. the parking lot at Old A is all lava rocks which I can’t navigate on the crutches/boot), but I can start exploring the island and reporting back on what I find there. First couple of items on my list: Captain Cook and Place of Refuge. After that, who knows? I’ve given myself three months to get healthy and get to know my new home, so I’m going to take advantage of it. Once I’m walking normally again, I’ll know exactly where I want to explore.
Also, I’m getting a new phone very soon, so I’ll have some nice pictures to post. 🙂 I know you want to see all of the beautiful scenery here.