Taking stock

Yesterday, Saturday April 25, 2015, was my 6-month fracture-versary. What did I do?

I spent 30 minutes on a cross-trainer and traveled 1.3 miles.

I walked 40 laps in the 2-4 foot pool (it’s not incredibly long).

I spent about half an hour sitting on the beach at White Sands.

I applied for a job.

Six months ago today, I was sitting on my couch with my left leg wrapped in a box cast and ACE wraps, hopped up on pain meds, sweating and miserable. Through the care of my medical team and physical therapists, the support of my friends and family, and my own determination, I’m now walking well-enough to fool the uninitiated and I feel like I can truly start the Hawai’i life that I had originally planned. The thing is, that life is not the same anymore. I have been changed by this experience for the better, and I more fully appreciate the blessings that I have. My ability to be independent has been reinforced, but I learned how to ask for and accept help. My friendships have been refined and honed and expanded by sharing my experiences. The things that I value are different. These elements have combined to form a more authentic fabric of my life for succeeding in Hawai’i. Being close to the people and the land are the most important aspects for life here, I feel, and all other pieces of success will flow from there. I have a new social circle, I’m volunteering for several events, tomorrow is my first “torture” session with a new trainer, and I’ll apply for my Hawai’i driver’s license once I get my social security card within the next two weeks.

In sum, I’m ready to move forward into a new life. I’ll keep you posted!