Gecko buffet

My condo was rented to me furnished by the owners (the HOA of the complex), and that furniture is completely functional so I don’t pay too much attention to it. Well, except for when I was on a wicker couch for almost two months with a cast on my leg, then that couch was replaced.

The replacement couch is a nice sofa bed, with black wood scroll-y arms/sides, and I was told when it was brought in that it had termites. Since it was free, we decided to see how long we could beat out the termites with regular treatments before replacing it. It seems that 4 months is about all I can take of the termites, and their swarming habits. They have also infested a nightstand in my bedroom, though I don’t know if that happened separately, or if they migrated from one piece of furniture to another. We’re on the lookout for another pull-out couch now.

What does this have to do with geckos? Well, I’m pretty sure my geckos are absolutely thrilled with my infestation; at least one of them. There are large beams that run along my vaulted ceiling, and another that runs across the room over the kitchen island. The kitchen light is mounted on the side of that cross beam, and I have a small capiz shell lamp hanging from the beam nearby, over the back of the couch. More frequently recently, there have been swarms of the termites dive-bombing the shell lamp when I have it turned on at night. My first experience ended in a lot of Raid being sprayed, and then having to climb up on the counter to clean off the beam and light fixture with a cleaning spray. Then I skipped the poison and went straight for the spray. Both of these worked. One night, entirely by accident, I found the natural solution. When the swarm starts, I turn off the lamp and turn on the overhead light. The termites then swarm to the overhead. One of the house geckos started showing up and gobbling down the termites unfortunate enough to get in his range, and believe me, that guy can MOVE. Now he’s Pavlov’s gecko. When the lights switch in the evening, every couple of days, he is right there, waiting for the buffet to show up. It’s a little disconcerting to clean so many translucent wings off the counter top the next morning, but I prefer it over having to get up and spray cleaning stuff overhead then climb on the counter to wipe it all up.

Isn’t nature wonderful? 🙂


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