Wahine forever!

From “How to Move to Kona” by Julie Ziemelis (http://www.howtomovetokona.com/), page 51:

“People come here sometimes to ‘get away from it all’ and that’s exactly what they get most days. However, spiritually, you never get away from yourself, and your problems have a way of following you here. The island has a pretty intense energy that has a way of really making you look at yourself. I’m just letting you know that coming here WILL change your life, and you get to choose how that’s going to look for you. If you don’t make an effort to get out and meet people in a variety of avenues, with an open attitude, you may be lonely.”

This quote is resonating with me tonight, after a conversation at an impromptu summer BBQ last night when a group of women (who had all moved to the island) commented on the fact that we had each managed to surround ourselves with strong, intelligent women. We were at various stages in our life: mother, wife, single, divorced, teacher, professional, and we all connected with each other and delighted in each others company. The accompanying picture to this post is of us relaxing in a tidal pool at the beach, pre-sunset.

The reason for the resonating is because one of my goals when moving here was to change my patterns, and discover who I could be when I wasn’t stuck in my habits. Don’t get me wrong, I love my mainland friends and am grateful that they have stuck with me through my move 3000 miles away. Bless Facebook for keeping us close to each other. I did have to leave them though, quite literally, and find a new tribe of women to whom I could belong. I had no idea how well I would succeed at that, because I tended to be rather reserved and an introvert. Moving to the island allowed me to take the chance of shedding that persona, and being a more open, welcoming, accepting person. As a result, I am slowly cultivating a circle of female friends who inspire me to be a better version of myself than I was previously. I aspire to have the strengths and achievements that these women have already earned and experienced; I believe that because I have their inspiration and example, I can do anything.

I’m utilizing my strengths in new ways, giving help in places I didn’t know it was needed, and being inspired to be creative in areas that were previously scary. I’m breathing the sea air, lifting my face to the sun and moon, taking more notice of my surroundings (don’t be surprised if I cause an accident on Queen Ka’ahuman because I’m staring at the sea!), and doing my very best not to say “I can’t”. Instead, I am saying “I can” or “I will”. I’m so grateful to the wahine who welcomed me to their hearts and ohana, and allowed me to make a place where I can flourish and make a contribution that benefits all. I never thought that would be important to me. Imagine my surprise at learning that I want to leave an indelible mark here!Wahine in the Water


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