Nine months in

Yesterday was my 9 month Kona-versary, and I decided to look at where I am now.

Health: my leg bones are healed, and I am working on building my strength and endurance with a personal trainer. My ankle still bothers me at times, but I can stand and walk for much longer periods than I could just two months ago. I have also started seeing someone to work on my frozen shoulder so that all of my limbs are working correctly.

Home: I signed my new lease recently, committing to another six months in my condo; I started paying rent here on July 1 of 2014, so my lease runs July-Dec and Jan-June. Despite the frequent fiddling with making things more efficient/pleasing, and adding art pieces, I feel very comfortable here. Keauhou is my new home, and I feel good in my space.

Work: I’m working! I have a part-time job doing marketing for a Dolphin swim company. That means that I go to island briefings at various hotels and tell them about the amazing snorkeling and swimming with dolphins that they can experience with my employer. Thankfully, I’m pretty good at speaking in front of groups, and it’s easy to be enthusiastic about something that I enjoy. Part of my job requires me to go out on the trips so I can accurately describe the experience to the guests. *sigh* Such a difficult life, to go snorkeling and swimming with the dolphins for work. 🙂 I’m also interviewing for other positions, and hope to have a full-time job soon.

Volunteer: This is a lot of fun, more than I expected. I’m involved in the planning/coordinating of several fundraising events, and for a local entertainment group. I’m enjoying meeting the people involved in the charities, and promoting great causes through the fun events. I had planned to try this as a career, but I think I like it more as a volunteer because I can choose what I want to work on, and influence the shape of the events themselves, rather than following direction from someone else and taking whatever comes along. I’ll probably promote these events here as they get closer. Prepare to buy your tickets!

Social: I addressed this pretty comprehensively in my last post. Nothing against my kane (man/male) friends, but I am blessed with some incredible women in my life who support, celebrate and lift me up. They don’t replace the friends I have on the mainland, but they have made their own places in my heart and I am so grateful. The circle of friends I’ve made, both men and women, are a lot of fun and someone always has something going on. Now that I am more mobile, I am able to participate more. Last week, I was able to do a full-day adventure along the Kohala Coast: shopping at Queen’s Shops in Waikaloa, ice-cream cones and window-shopping in Hawi, absorbing the energy at the lookout above Pololū Valley, raiding a church thrift store in Kapa’au, floating on the waves on Hapuna Beach, and a post-sunset dinner at Bite Me. I’ve been going to barbecues, get-togethers, hanging poolside, meeting for cocktails and just sitting down to talk story. I know good people.

I hope all of these wonderful continue in the future, and I will work to make them happen. My family is coming to visit next month, I have an August event we’re planning for now, and I will be back on the mainland for an event later in the fall. In a fit of irony, I think I’m going to plan my return flight to coincide with my one year anniversary. Life, like the waves, continues to roll on.

One of my shopping prizes from Hawi, Bruddah Ed watches over my driving.
One of my shopping prizes from Hawi, Bruddah Ed watches over my driving.