Why Did You Move Here?

“Why did you move here?” is something that I am asked frequently when I share that I am a new resident to the Big Island. Whom I am speaking with usually determines my answer.

The spiritual: I have a photo of my mother on the east side of the island, 42 years ago when she was six months pregnant with me. My first visit here was in utero, so I was drawn to come back.

The practical: I was in a rut on the mainland, and was at a point in my life where a change could be (relatively) easily made. I’ve visited a lot over the last ten years, and I thought I could make a life here work.

The actual: I really like the “me” that I am here. That rut thing lead to me being closed up about new people and new experiences. When I am here, I slow down and open up to the people and world around me, and I become a better person. Don’t mistake me: I enjoyed my life on the mainland, and I miss my family and friends so much. However, I didn’t see my life changing very much, and I craved a new outlook and opportunities. The mainland was very comfortable, and I had no reason to make an effort to change. Very few people knew me in Hawai’i, and I was able to present a different part of me, the one that talks to strangers, and goes on adventures, and is forging a new path.

To get a bit New Age on you, I am able to be a better version of my self. I really like her. 🙂



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