I celebrated my one year anniversary of moving to Kona by having an absolute fabulous dinner in Willow Glen, CA. Not where I had intended to spend my anniversary, but I extended my trip to the mainland to attend a friend’s wedding, and it was so worth it.

Today is another anniversary, one that marked a severe left turn in my journey. On October 25, 2014, I managed to break my left tibia and fibula. This was an event that continues to influence my life every day. I’ve written on the lessons I’ve learned from this, and now I’m looking forward to a bright future.

Since that time, I’ve found a job that both frustrates and fulfills me, the latter far more than the former. I have a wonderful circle of friends who love and support me and enrich my life immeasurably. My work with the burlesque girls and guys allows me free rein of my controlling, managing tendencies in a way that helps make the troupe better. The ‘aina around me nurtures my soul, and welcomes me to find my own small place on it.

I won’t look back anymore at this event, other than as one that helped to shape my life in Hawai’i. I choose instead to look forward, and appreciate that life, and fill it with joy and purpose.

To that end, coming up I have: Halloween Zombie Burlesque at Daylight Mind on Saturday night (8:30 p.m show, $5 cover), trips for parasailing and zip-lining to schedule, a performance at My Bar Kona’s White Party on November 14 (10:30 p.m. at My Bar!), my BIRTHDAY!, a boat cruise with a bunch of fabulous people to celebrate my birthday and that of a fabulous girlfriend, a fundraising event for Habitat for Humanity which is a Gingerbread Build on December 5, and so much more. I love my Hawaii Life!