Island Girl Problems

It occurred to me that I need to throw some humor in here periodically, and it’s been so damn hot and humid recently that I’ve been moaning about my “island girl problems”.

  1. Hot water for shaving is just too uncomfortable (I shouldn’t be sweating while in the shower, yeah?). Shaving happens in a cold water shower and I live with the bumps.
  2. Speaking of sweating in the shower, even after my only-cold-water shower, I find myself starting to sweat as soon as I turn off the water and start toweling off. What was the point in showering again?
  3. If you get the urge to try some facial care, don’t bother with the face mask. It’s too hot and humid for it to dry on your face, even at night.
  4. Make-up melts off my face far too quickly, if I can even get it on. Fans in the bathroom/house, and A/C  in the car can only do so much. I don’t bother most of the time, and getting “fancy” means I actually put on brow pencil, lipstick AND mascara!
  5. There’s a very limited dating pool on an island. A friend of mine described it as, “You don’t lose a partner, you lose your turn”, and that is so accurate. You’ll see that turn all over town too, so make sure you really want to step up.
  6. It’s hard to avoid drinking – everyone who comes to visit is on vacation and wants to go out for mai tais. Then there are the potluck/pau hana (happy hour) get togethers with friends where there is more booze than food. Oh, and don’t forget all of the festivals and fundraisers where they want you liquored up so you’ll open your wallet at the silent auction!
  7. I look like a broke lush buying a bottle of the cheapest, unpronounceable vodka, but at least my clothes won’t be stinky when I do. There is so much sweat in a tropical climate, it’s good to know how to use vodka in a spray and in your laundry to remove sweat and other odors.
  8. It takes a whole lot of practice to be able to strut effectively in slippahs, when out with my girls. However, it’s remarkably easy to fall off them, even when sober.
  9. If you have hair that can be pulled up/back, it will be. Despite your gorgeous, long fall of straight hair, or riot of curls, no one will every see them. The wind, the sea and the sun will all combine to make it uncomfortable or inconvenient to wear your hair down. And forget styling implements. Even if your outlet can handle the electricity, do you really want to spend 20 minutes using heat to dry or flat-iron your hair?

We have some trade winds today, courtesy of Hurricane Lester, so I’m going to go out and enjoy it! Have a fabulous weekend!