It’s a Small World…

I was fairly informed about technology when I lived in Silicon Valley, and used a variety of tools to accomplish my work and hobbies. Only since moving to a small island in the middle of the Pacific have I discovered just how vital it is in maintaining my sanity. I may not be able to see my friends and family in person quite as often or easily, but I can keep my connections strong and thriving with a little assistance from (basically) the internet.

Earlier this year, I flew to the mainland for a girlfriend’s wedding. I was a bridesmaid, and cherished this opportunity to spend time with some incredible women (and their equally awesome dudes). The photographer is an absolute star and she became a new friend I’ve maintained contact with through FB. One afternoon this summer (okay, evening for the others), I was on FaceBook with the maid of honor (Pacific time zone), the bride (Mountain time), and the photographer (Eastern time), and we were all looking at photos from the wedding in online albums and making hysterical and emotional comments to each other using a group chat on FB Messenger. Four women, in four time zones, sharing the same moment. That filled my heart and soul with so much love.

Bridal PartyPC: Blair Bush, FineArt Photographer

My annual car event in California also gets interesting in the planning process, because the other planners and I are also in 4 time zones: me in HST, one in PST, one in MST and the other used to be in Thailand and is now in Spain. We use Skype for those planning meetings and let me tell you, coordinating those times is a challenge! We also email a lot, I keep my notes on Evernote and my volunteer tracking in Google Sheets which I’ve shared, I get reimbursed by PayPal (wire transfer fees are no joke, this is much better), and there is not only an event website but also a Facebook community page. With all of these tools, it doesn’t matter that we are scattered across the world; we are still able to communicate and share information in a timely fashion.

It’s a very small (digital) world, indeed.


Progress Report

I have a couple of topics that I want to write about, but since it’s been so long since my last post, I thought I should provide a progress report on what I’ve done recently.

It’s been over a year since I moved in, and I’m still enjoying my home a great deal. Since it has been over a year, I’ve become more familiar and comfortable with what I’m doing in the space, and am continually coming up with new and different ways of using the space and the stuff in it. What that means: moving around decor and furniture, repurposing and reusing a variety of stuff, and just figuring out how to live better in my home. Example: instead of stacking up the plastic water bottles and lidded coffee mugs in the kitchen cupboard, I took an extra fabric “cube” and put it on it’s side in the linen closet then put all the bottles and cups in it.  They take up less space and I can easily access them there.

Bottle stack

I have the best parents ever, and they bought me a new roof earlier this year as it was due for replacement. It wasn’t nearly as expensive as I expected, and I’m so grateful I found a competent professional to do the work. I’ve watched my neighbors do their own roof, and I cringed every time the tarp over the exposed wood was blown away and then it rained. My windows and sliders are almost done being replaced. The special-order sliding glass door for the master bedroom is on order for the third time (1. doors didn’t include in-glass-shades, 2. door opens wrong direction), and I hope it gets here soon! The windows and doors were just about the same cost as the roof, mostly because of the special order sizes I needed, but there is a massive improvement having screens that fit and double pane glass. Very worthwhile. No more major projects this year, but I’m sure there will be small kine stuff like painting inside and garage re-org. Oh, and I need to re-grout the master tub/shower and figure out how to get my hair dye off the walls and porcelain tub surface.

It’s been almost 3 years since I moved, and I’m still confident I made the right decision. Life hasn’t been all leis and mai tais, for sure, but I am digging deeper into life here and continuing to make connections. Yesterday, I was one of those annoying people who has a 20 minute talk story session partway in an aisle at Target. 🙂 It felt really good. My work life took a major right turn recently, but I’m pretty confident that I can make it benefit me rather than drag me down. When I first moved here, the plan was to be a better version of myself than when I lived on the mainland. I’m continuing to polish those layers and discover shiny new facets. It’s really pretty neat. Mahalo for continuing on the journey with me!